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Han-Dynastie Bow

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Price: 329.00€



  • Poundage / Strenght: Look what we do have on stock (scroll down)
  • Lenght of the String: 124cm (48 inch)
  • Full lenght of the bow unstrung: 137cm (54 inch)
  • Handle: Traditional for left and righthand
  • AMO: 28"
  • Max. drawlenght: 34"
  • Woods: look at stock (scroll down)

We made this bow of bamboo laminates, very smooth drawlenght. Very fast bow. We reccomend for archers with a long drawlenght (32"-34") The bow is measured by 28". For exactly strenght please send us a message with your drawlenght.

We support worldwide shipping, please feel free to contact us for shipping price or for pictures of bows, they we do have on stock.

In Stock (by 34"):

bamboo (brown): 27Lbs ( by 34" 41Lbs)